Flurry's loyalty program is free and easy to join.  Your loyalty program account number is your phone number.

To join our loyalty program and accumulate loyalty points:

After each purchase text the code at the bottom of your purchase receipt to 73752.

To make accumulating, tracking, and redeeming your loyalty points easier, we highly recommend downloading the clover app by:

• Clicking the link you receive after texting your purchase code to 73752 and downloading the free Clover app

• By using the Clover App you can "check in" from your phone when at Flurry's

• When checked in, let the cashier know you are a part of our rewards program your points will automatically go to your program account.  

• In Lieu of using the Clover App you can provide your phone number to the cashier each time you make a purchase to have points credited to your loyalty account

To earn and use loyalty points:

• Each dollar spent at Flurry's earns the loyalty member one (1) loyalty point

• Upon accumulation of 100 loyalty points, you can redeem said points upon your next purchase for 10% off of said next purchase

*The terms and conditions of Flurry's loyalty program are subject to change.*