lower prices for everyone

Gone for now, not forever

Everyone is currently faced with an unprecedented rate of increase on cost of goods, labor, and materials.  Every week we receive notice(s) of and/or realize double-digit price increases from our suppliers and vendors.  We are on a mission to lower prices in this environment, however; we cannot do so and offer additional discounts on products that are already razor thin margined.  We have taken a long and hard look at how we can manage rewarding loyalty & protect the health of our company at the same time.  Our solution is to keep driving down everyday prices, which allows EVERYONE to benefit against rising costs by paying an everyday low price for our goods and services.  

Effective April 30, 2023 our existing loyalty program will paused indefinitely.  Any unused points will not be valid for a discount until a loyalty program is resumed. We hope and trust you understand this business decision. Our service and quality will remain the same.  Our daily aim to keep prices at or below retail market pricing will not change. Thank you for your understanding and for being such an amazing and loyal customer of Flurry's Market + Provisions.