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Chef G

Flurry's Proudly Featuring The Culinary Companion

Founded in 2021, Flurry's Market set course on a mission to provide every man and woman the service, quality food, and provisions they seek and deserve.  During the Summer of  2022, Flurry's developed its prepared meals program under the leadership of Chef Deb, Flurry's Catering and Prepaired Meals Manager.  Realizing strong demand for its prepared meal program, in order to scale and meet demand, Flurry's sought a local established prepared meals partner aligned with Flurry's mission.  Effective Q1 2023, Flurry's is proud to announce its partnership with The Culinary Companion, whose mission is "to make nutritious meals convenient and delicious".  Together, Flurry's and The Culinary Companion, aim to provide the best quality and convenience both of our customers are looking for and deserve.